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Kate vs Topshop AW10

Fin fin video med et lille smugkig til Kate Moss for Topshop AW10-kollektionen, som launcher i morgen.

The Kate Moss for Topshop AW10-collection launches tomorrow. Here’s a sneakpeak..



Vogue Nippon July 2010 “Born To Privilege” Abbey Lee Kershaw by Angelo Pennetta

I can’t get enough of Abbey’s hair. Long bob with a heavy fringe – so 70’s..


Photographer: Ryan McGinley

Model: Kate Moss


Where did mr. Wang get his inspiration from?


i love when this happens

Jeg har lige opdaget Natalies fantastiske blog. Hun er gudesmuk og model of course og har den mest inspirerende stil jeg har set længe.

I just found my new favourite blog. Spanish/chinese model Natalie is one of the most beautiful and inspiring bloggers I’ve seen for a long time. I’m in love with her blog NatalieOffDuty.

xoxo, Emilie


Tænk at være så perfekt og kunne fuldende denne perfektion med en smuk skønhedsplet på højre bryst.. Det er da den perfekte skævhed!

Tyvstjålet fra Rackk&Ruin

R.I.P. Daul Kim

The beautiful model Daul Kim was found dead in Paris this morning. This is something she posted on her blog ( a couple of weeks ago. So beautiful, yet so sad.

last year

i was so lost

but that night was beautiful

i was living in london, and i had a punk boy in my life

and it was such a relief to run away to

new york city

i had no time to buy costume, so i just wore my old dolce&gabanna from the 90s

ironically the one the punk boy gave to me …

i felt so…free and kind of excited

i was with my best friend p, and it was beautiful and strange night

we ended up in the most strangest place, most awkward moments

so newyork.

i think this year i will remember today as the day i slept 10 hours without

any help of anything or anyone without any dreams and woke up feeling peaceful and happy.

no more running away from something or someone or myself.

i wonder what will happen tonight